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Good bars in Shinjuku 2010/4/23 10:53
Tokyo 23-ku
Can anyone one me in the direction of some good bars in Shinjuku. I've been in Japan for a while, but I don't usually go out in Shinjuku. However, I would like to change that, but I have no idea where do go. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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Western or Japanese style? 2010/6/19 05:09
It really depends on what your idea of a good bar is. If you want something resembling a Western bar, try the Dubliners pub near the East Exit of Shinjuku Station (expensive, but good atmosphere), or one of the British themed Hub bars (there were five in Shinjuku last time I counted - cheaper, but the atmosphere is less like a Western bar).

If you want a really Japanese experience, I suggest checking out Golden Gai - not cheap - but good if you want to experience something different, and a great place to meet people and chat:

And there are countless izakaya of course - always the best option for drinking in my opinion
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