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Cons? 2010/4/23 12:19
Good day everyone. for my first question here, I would like to ask about what kind of conventions are in Japan? I searched and found out about a couple anime conventions. Does Japan have any sci-fi related conventions? Are there any Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, x-men, etc fan communities? I've been to a couple conventions here and it's a great experience. I'm just wondering about in Japan.

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Conventions 2010/4/29 11:30
Japan does have some extremely large scale conventions that receive insane publicity even broadcast on international television (G4 network in USA), but they are more Anime based.

That does not mean you wont see Sci-fi like a storm trooper here and there, but the likelihood of seeing a few Borgs or the Q is pretty slim.
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ah 2010/4/29 11:47
Thanks for the info. I like some anime too, yet I like variety in the conventions I go to. And just in case anyone is interested, here's a list of a couple popular conventions I know of:
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