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The father-inlaw and marriage 2010/4/27 08:08
I have a question about how to go about asking the Japanese parents for their daughters hand in Mariege. should I bring money, gifts, should I be traditional or western... HELP anyone know such customs.

I have searched the web and no help.
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... 2010/4/28 12:35
Every city, every family has its own history and culture when it comes to marriage.

The only meaningful advice one can offer is to say, discuss this at length with your girlfriend.

She should be your ambassador to her family. If you're asking for permission, they should already know in advance that you're coming and why you'll be there.

Obviously, it's up to you to say the words and do the little things that may be apart of your GF's family's tradition, but she should be giving you a roadmap and a guarantee that if you take this step, she's sticking with you regardless or what her says.

Other than that, be clean, be presentable, be on time. Marriage is a job and this is just like any other job interview.
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Re: The father-inlaw and marriage 2010/4/29 14:42
I agree with kyototrans, have your girlfriend prepare the way, moment and little speech you'll need to make. She knows her family best and knows what they expect to hear from you.

That 's what my wife did for me with her family and it worked well.
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