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Salsa in Tokyo 2010/4/27 15:00
Hi everybody!
I'm going to visit Tokyo in the end of May. Could anyone suggest to me a club for dancing salsa? I dance LA, NY and Cuban style.
I'll be grateful for any information)
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Google 2010/4/28 12:47


There are multiple good places for salsa in Roppongi. I've been to a couple but it's been quite a while and can't remember which one's I liked.

What I do remember is that the serious dancing happens earlier, before 10 pm. Especially this is true on weekends.
Get there any later and the place tend to turn into regular dance clubs (with some Latin music) which is fine but there's so many sleezy guys and shady girls.

Beware of the many trap girls: Sexy very friendly women who rub up to you and eventually ask you to buy them a drink. Of course, the guy behind the bar produces a menu with $300 bottles of wine.

I think if you go between 7 and 11pm, you will find the "before the last train crowd." I found this to be a mix of cool guys and very attractive girls who actually come to socialize and dance (and many are quite good!).

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