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Wide Calf Boots in Tokyo 2010/4/28 22:03
I have very wide calves and cannot fit into most knee-high boots. Are there any shops in or around Tokyo that carry wide calf boots? I mean nice dressy boots as opposed to casual or stretchy knitted boots. My calves are just over 17cm at the thickest part, I'm 153cm and my shoe size is 22.5-23.0 depending on the style. Thanks in advance!
by Big Legs (guest)  

Marui, season 2010/4/29 09:18
There are places like Marui Model that carry boots in a range of calf sizes, however I'm not sure that they would carry shoes as small as 22.5-23.0 as they are mostly specialise in large sizes- possibly worth a try though. You will have to wait until autumn however since most shops don't carry boots at this time of the year.

If you are just visiting Japan for a short time then I'm afraid it's probably not worth spending time looking in this season.
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Thanks! 2010/4/29 12:53
I'll give a run by there and see what they have. I've been living in Tokyo for a few months now, I just haven't come across anything that fits comfortably.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, please do share ^_^
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ME TOO!!!!!!! 2010/7/9 10:32
I never would have thought somebody would have large calves besides me! My calves literally end just a little higher than my ankle, and each time I flex them they look really muscular. :[ I don't like em though because it gets in the way of me wearing stuff. TO make it worse I have small feet and it makes my calves look even bigger.
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