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Japanese neckties vs American neckties 2010/4/29 14:14

Has anyone noticed if there is a difference in length between the two?

I gave my Japanese BF a tie, but it's much more longer than his other ones. :s

I wonder if it's just that particular tie, or if there is really a difference...
by Ann (guest)  

Yes, they can be different. 2010/4/29 21:24
I am form the US and on my last visit to Japan I bought several nice used silk neckties. A few of the ties were much shorter than the usual ones I get in the US, they were still usable for me (I am only 5'6"), but for someone taller they could be a problem.
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Thanks! 2010/5/1 23:54

That's just what I feared... I will try european ones instead! :)
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