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Used scanner in Tokyo? 2010/4/30 21:41

I've been meaning to buy a used scanner for a while, but I haven't come across many on craigslist, so I was wondering if there are any places where I could find them used in Tokyo. Would the computer shops at Akihabara stock scanners?
If anyone knows of a place and could let me know, that would be very appreciated.

Thank you
by John (guest)  

Scanners 2010/5/1 02:59
Most computer shops will have scanners of some kind. My favorite place was Bic Camera because they were usually pretty cheap (4 gig XD card for $15 US).

As for a used scanner, well pawn shops were never very prevalent when I was there.

You are probably better off going online to some place like Tigerdirect.com for a used scanner, having it sent to someone you know in the USA, and having them ship it there, because I dont think they ship internationally.
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scanner 2010/5/1 16:02
You could try hard-off, they have tons of computer and electronic stuff used, but you can never be sure how well those things were treated. Scanners are pretty cheap nowadays, even for the high quality, so unless you need one that is larger than the average size, maybe you should check the new ones, too. Also, there are used computer shops in Japan online, maybe you can get one of your Japanese friends to help you find one if you can't.
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craigslist?? 2010/5/5 15:59
nobody uses craigslist in japan except for nigerian scammers and foreigners. useless.

go on yahoo auctions japan. there are tons of used scanners. you could probably buy one on auction new though for just as cheap.
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