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Yukatas for wearing in public ? 2010/5/1 16:17
I am going to Japan this summer and I plan to buy a yukata. According to what I've read online, some yukatas are only meant to be worn in one's own house and not in the streets, while others can be wear in public in the summer.
Can you tell me what type of yukata should i choose to wear in the streets ? Thank you in advance (:
by Nhym (guest)  

... 2010/5/2 17:10

It's not really about the "type," but more a matter of the occasion :) Yukata is a summer lounging wear in the first place, as you say, which people wear at home to lounge about in their own garden, maybe stroll in the neighborhood, etc. Nowadays people do wear it to town on occasions such as going to watch fireworks, attend summer "obon" festivals, or go visit temple/shrine summer festivals, but those occasions are in a way like extensions of those "neighborhood socializing occasions." People don't really wear yukata to go shopping in town or to dine in restaurants :)

When it comes to the patterns and materials, try avoiding those made with real thin cloth. Maybe go for colorful ones, rather than very plain navy blue and white patterns that *could* really look like lounging wear/pajamas.

BTW, get a nice, wide, matching "obi" (sash belt) and sandals to go with it :) Also please be careful to wear some undergarment - meaning, camisole & petticoat, or a long slip, otherwise things can be pretty visible, if you know what I mean...

When it gets closer to summer, there will be nice colorful ones sold in sets with "obi" sash belt available in stores like department stores or Uniqlo (reasonably priced fashion store chain) - enjoy! :)
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