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Sandal Wearing in Public 2010/5/2 03:25
Hi all,

I would appreciate some clarification on sandal wearing in Japan. I'm traveling throughout the country for thirty days during the summer and I'd like to wear sandals some of the time. Is it acceptable to wear sandals in public without socks? Does this change from Tokyo and Kyoto to more rural areas? Can I bring a pair of socks with me to change into before entering temples, restaurants, ryokans etc.?

With thanks
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No problem 2010/5/2 08:40
At the most of places, including religious places, it's ok not to wear shoes and socks, unless you take part in solemn ceremony(War Memorial, funeral and/or marriage ceremony).

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oh 2010/5/2 08:42
you should wear shoes and socks when you enter "formal" restaurants and "premium" ryokans.
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. 2010/5/2 11:45

Even if you are a male, if you're going to wear sandals, it's proper not to wear socks. It just won't look good.

But if you're going to some place formal such as quality restaurants and hotels, or places where you'd take off your shoes such as temples, tea ceremonies and people's homes, it would be ideal to be wearing socks (or stockings if you are a female). And if you're wearing socks, it's better to be wearing non-sandal footwear.

You also have the option to carry socks so that you can wear the socks as you take off your sandals. But again, in formal occasions leather shoes are better. I am a female, but when I travel overseas, I usually wear leather shoes at the airports and carry a pair of sandals in my luggage.
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