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Movie Premiere/Release dates in Japan 2010/5/2 22:02
I'll be in Japan from the middle of this month in various places. There are a couple of movies being released while I'm away and would love to see at the cinema either in Kyoto or Tokyo. I was wondering if anyone knows:

- if release dates differ? So far example if something is released on the 27th in US/UK will it be the same in Japan?

-if the movies will be dubbed in Japanese or if they'll be English when they're first released?

- if I can book tickets in advance for the movies? I haven't been able to find cinema listings in English for the film(s) I want to watch in Japan. Thanks.
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. 2010/5/3 00:02
Hi. It depends what the movie is really! The very big and popular movies usually have universal release dates, I think to discourage piracy, so they will come out on the same day in every country. Smaller or less popular films i.e ones not deemed "blockbusters" well that's a different story i'm afraid. I have been home to visit the UK, seen a movie, come back to Japan and still a year on they have not released it here!! It must be even longer for some US ones as I know we are usually at least 2 months behind US.

The reason is they have to translate and subtitle all these movies. Of course blockbusters will sell anywhere in the world so they can justify immediate translation and distribution..but smaller films? Well, they don't know how popular they will be in japan so there is not so much rush and it is an expensive process!

Oh and by the way. When you go to a theatre you can usually choose between subtitles or dubbed versions of the films depending on the area of course. Hope this helps.
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Movie Premiere/Release dates in Japan 2010/5/3 02:47
Thanks for replying, it's been helpful. One of the movies is actually the new sex and the city one (I know,I know!). The US release date is May 27th, UK date is May 28th. I've searched but can't find the date for Japan.
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... 2010/5/3 08:09
It's June 4th for Japan :)
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... 2010/5/3 08:12

- Normally drama types of movies come with subtitled. (Disney and other movies where most of the audience is expected to be children will be dubbed.)

- If you find any Warner and other theaters where you can book your seats in advance, yes. If not, you have to simply queue up.
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Thanks 2010/5/3 19:24
Thanks AK for the date!
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