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Sumo in early march 2011? 2010/5/4 13:04

I will be visiting Tokyo in early March 2011. Iwould like to see a Sumo match but can only find info on grand tournaments and there are none in early march in Tokyo. Are there any other days i can see a Sumo match other than the tournament days? it's OK if it's a lower ranked match. thanks
by Mick_M99 (guest)  

Only the Osaka tournament 2010/5/4 14:10
No, all the matches, right down to the lowest ranked wrestlers, are held during the main tournaments. In early March all the wrestlers are hard at work practicing in their stables for the upcoming tournament, so there are no exhibition matches at that time.

People who aren't familiar with sumo often assume that sumo is held all over Japan most of the time like baseball or soccer matches, but sumo is actually very limited- just the 6 main tournaments each year, with a few travelling exhibition matches at certain times of the year.

You will need to go to Osaka for the tournament if you want to see sumo.
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