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Japanese Chess 2010/5/4 19:05
I will be visiting Tokyo at end of May. Can someone please tell me where I can buy Japanese chess set with chess pieces having a japanese theme ie samurai soldiers, japanese castles etc
by shepherdking  

Re: apanese themed chess set 2010/5/8 15:36
When browsing the smaller shopping streets in the big cities, I occasionally come across shops for Shogi and Go, they might have themed chess sets in those shops as well, but I cannot give you an address. Your best bet is to try in the country you live in or buy it on the Internet, IMO.
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Japanese Chess Set 2010/5/11 15:31
You'll find a great Japanese Themed Chess Set at www.CheckmateChessSets.com in the 'Music and Cultural' section!
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Shogi 2010/5/12 06:38
Once you arrive at Tokyo ask people where is the best place to find "Shogi", not "Japanese chess" of the type you are interested in.

People will not understand "Japanese chess" because Shogi has much longer history than chess and both Shogi and Chess have their origin in China.

And do not go to serious shops since they do not treat that kind of shogi set.
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