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Buying tickets from PIA 2010/5/6 08:12
Hi guys,

I am heading to Japan in a couple of weeks and want to purchase some tickets for a Shooto (MMA) show that is happening on Sunday, May 30.

I don't read Japanese too well at all and was wondering if there is any english sites that allow you to pre-purchase tickets?

Thanks in advance,
by Hironaka (guest)  

buying ticket in Japan 2010/5/10 11:49
Hi,You can buy tickets in many ways. I hope this link will help.
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Re: Shooto 2010/5/10 12:16
go "Family Mart" (Convenience Store)

use "Fami-Port" (ticket vending machine),eCR-JE,bT,hT,uaHR0cDovL3d...|for=0|sp=-5|fs=100%|fb=0|fi=0|fc=FF0000|db=T|eid=CR-EJ,k0e1b30487e482ee3113aeef06fd572a8,t20100511000341,,eCR-JE,bT,hT,uaHR0cDovL3d...|for=0|sp=-5|fs=100%|fb=0|fi=0|fc=FF0000|db=T|eid=CR-EJ,k0e1b30487e482ee3113aeef06fd572a8,t20100511000341,

and push the "P-code" (ticket_id) "816-136"

vacant seats info (Ticket_PIA)
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