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Tequila and spirit/alcohol/white vinegar 2010/5/10 21:19
I'm missing tequila A LOT out in Japan and I've heard about what a miracle cleaner the vinegar is.

Does anyone know where I'm likely to find either item and/or any brand names to look out for?

I know that vinegar is す/ビニガ/ビネガー and tequila is テキーラ.

Many thanks
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. 2010/5/11 12:20
Vinegar you can buy at all supermarkets. Tequila is at most International Markets. It is expensive though.
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Thanks.... 2010/5/11 20:35
I'm after a specific kind of vinegar, though. Not rice, wine or cider vinegar; it's referred to as white/spirit vinegar and is clear-coloured.

I have no idea whether rice vinegar smells the same as the sort of vinegar one puts on chips/French Fries [which is what white vinegar smells like].

Thanks for your answer anyway
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. 2010/5/11 21:15
Tequila is pretty much available at any liquor store. Some convenience stores and supermarkets also sell it.
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Vinegar 2010/5/13 14:37
ALL vinegars contain acetic acid, this is what make them vinegars. This includes cider vinegar and all other vinegars. I had rather use apple cider or wine vinegar for my fries as this is real vinegar.
White vinegar is used in fast food places because customers aren't exactly gourmet eaters.

White vinegar is made from the distillation of any type of vinegar but obviously only the cheapest vinegars would be used.

The main reason people use white vinegar to clean is because it is cheap and colourless.
If you only use vinegar to clean windows, floors etc. the type of vinegar really matter.

The only problem about cleaning with rice, gourmet and fruits vinegars is that they may contain some sugars or herbs or..so they would be a bit sticky on the surface that are being cleaned and, of course, it would be a waste of money, even though one only use a small amount of it.

I use Apple cider vinegar as an aftershave (it cut the burning feeling from the razor), after shampooing and as underarm deodorant. It evaporates without leaving a smell.
I also use it to wash my small bathroom mirror
(a few ounces in a small dish) but wouldn't use it to wash a whole kitchen floor or a patio door.
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Tequila 2010/5/14 10:49
You can get most branded spirits cheaply and Donki stores. They often have a rather good range.
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vinegar 2010/5/14 18:59
"If you only use vinegar to clean windows, floors etc. the type of vinegar really matter." should read "doesn't really matter"
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