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Buying Shipping Contianers? 2010/5/14 23:43
Hi everyone
I've been searching high and low for days but cant find anyone who can sell me some shipping containers, preferably close to Nagano. Does anyone have some suggesstions how I can track some down. Am looking for 40ft high cubes in good condition for a house project. Thanks.
by kamak  

。。。 2010/5/15 10:18
The average seems to be about 200,000 yen and up for used containers (standard, no refrigeration).

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Thanks 2010/5/15 11:35
Thanks, apprteciate the information. Do you know where I can buy them?
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... 2010/5/15 12:03
If you are OK with Japanese search Google for:

中古コンテナー 価格

Example result:

If not, you might need to have a trusted fried call and negotiate for you.

There are often are cheaper ways such as auctions but that would require some in depth searching.
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THANKS! 2010/5/15 14:55
Thats a great link, thanks. It appears they can do some of the modifications I'd need done too which is even better. Thanks.
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