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What's open on a Sunday? 2010/5/16 15:50

Just wondering what's open and what isn't open on a Sunday.

Having lived in France has taught me to expect few shops ot be open on a Sunday, and those that are to only be open for a couple of hours.
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... 2010/5/16 18:04
The situation is completely different in Japan. Almost all shops are open on Sundays. So are most tourist attractions. Some government run establishments (not including most government run museums) might be closed, such as Tsukiji Market.
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That's good! 2010/5/17 00:46
However, am I right in assuming Sunday would have reduced opening hours for shops?
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Open on Sunday 2010/5/17 08:07
No, there is usually no difference in the opening hours of shops on Sundays. Some restaurants may close slightly earlier, i.e. at 10 instead of 11pm on Sundays, but they certainly don't close at midday if that's what you are thinking.

This is not a Christian country, there is no reason culturally for shops to be closed on Sundays, and it is in fact when businesses make a lot of their money. Same goes for public holidays.
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Monday 2010/5/17 08:39
Often, because it's so busy on a weekend, particularly Sunday, a lot of smaller shop keepers will close on Monday for their "rest" day.
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