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Where to Buy Cheap Luggage in Osaka 2010/5/17 18:07
I bought a few items on my trip through Japan but I've run into a snag, I can't fit it all in my luggage. And prices to ship it back home are enormous, so I'd rather just check it in with my other bag. I'm looking for a duffle bag preferably, I can put the fragile items in my nicer bag and put the rest in the other and pack it with a towel or clothes so it doesn't get knocked around. It just needs to be big enough to carry a medium size tripod (almost 2 feet long collapsed).

I'm currently in Osaka now until the day after tomorrow. If anyone knows where I can buy a bag either in Osaka or Hiroshima that would be a great help to me. Thanks!
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. 2010/5/18 00:59
Osaka is a big place, so it would have been good to say what part you are staying in. But having said that, take the subway to Ebisucho station on the Sakaisuji line and take exit 2 Walk north thru Den Den Town, staying on the east side of the street (if you got it right you'll pass under the expressway). Somewhere along there (I cannot remember exactly where, but within a maximum of 8 blocks) there is a store selling luggage. It has a lot of backpacks on display outside the store.

You can also find luggage at stores like Labi1 (not far from the store mentioned above http://tinyurl.com/Labi1-Osaka ), Bic Camera and Yodobashi.

I'm pretty certain there are a couple of luggage stores on the Shinsaibashi covered shopping street.

BTW, if you are traveling economy, you can probably expect to pay around $50 US for a second checked bag.
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Thanks 2010/5/18 08:49
That area is close to where I'm staying so thanks for the info :)
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