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bring luggage or buy luggage? 2010/5/18 02:33
My husband and I will be traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto for 10 days this June. We have very few clothes so we will pack light. However, I do plan to buy a lot of souvenirs and craft items from Japan.

My question is: is it cheaper to lug along an empty suitcase for the loot (we will need to buy one in the US as we have none right now) or it's not much of a price difference buying them in Japan? My mother bought a Japanese suitcase years ago from Japan and it has lasted her well while suitcases bought elsewhere were not so durable, so I have good impression about Japanese luggage. Also, we will travel on to Vietnam next and I've heard that you should use hard shell (plastic) suitcases as the airport there is not very reliable. Has anyone had experience buying a hard shell suitcase in Japan?

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any suggestion.
by kat (guest)  

... 2010/5/18 12:22
Have no experience buying a hard shell suitcase in Japan,, but everyone seems to have one there:
I would imagine major department stores would have them, so maybe travel light initially (easier for you, and on trains etc) and buy a case when you need it.....
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suitcase 2010/5/18 13:39
Kat, hi there,

well, the point is that if you want to have something decent (like Samso.... and so on) you have to pay for it. Hard luggage is definitely recommendable! I personally think that you can get good quality / brand for a better price in the US. I bought my last suitcase in Germany when I went there 5 years ago and the $$$ (or better Euros) were much less than over here! Just my personal opinion.
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