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Very light, anti-humidity men's shirt ? 2010/5/19 15:44
Summer is finally on its way (maybe) and I always suffer badly from the heat, coming from colder parts originally.

Every year I stock up on (a) special half-sleeve white shirts for work. They 'absorb' the, um, sweatiness and are very lightweight, and (b) special vests/sports shirts [i.e. Mizuno] for wearing under the shirt that do the same thing and soak up moisture - expensive at around 3,500 but really effective.

Question: This year my usual store has no stock of (a) the shirt type, nor (b) the vests.

Can someone help me out by telling me what I need to ask for to get the items I need or something equally as effective? Thanks
by David (guest)  

answers 2010/5/20 05:47
Well there are a few options you can try:

First there are t-shirts and even long sleeve shirts that have a small air conditioner unit built into the shirt (but its like $80 US a shirt).

There's also adidas, nike, or Under armor compression shirts, that are fairly breezy, but also make you look a little trimmer.

The first option is probably easier to facilitate as the makers of those shirts are Japanese companies, but the second is cheaper.
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Silky Dry or Sarafine 2010/5/20 09:19
I'm sure that anyone who subscribes Japanese newspapers are familiar with the new Uniclo under shirts. Ask for Silky Dry for men or Sarafine for women.
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