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American brands of beauty products? 2010/5/19 17:57

I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy American beauty products in Tokyo?

Specifically, a brand from Johnson & Johnson called ''Clean & Clear''?

I've looked at several stores nearby (Shibuya area), but the ones I've seen don't have it.

by skincarequestion (guest)  

Good luck anyway 2010/5/20 09:25
I did a quick Japanese internet search in vain and ended up at Johnson & Johnson's official website in Japan where they mention that they have stopped manufacturing and distributing Clear & Clear as of February, 2008. They say you can try calling their toll free number 0120-101110 9am to 5pm weekdays.

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... 2010/5/21 14:15
Hello Uco,

Thanks a lot for researching all that. I didn't know they already stopped manufacturing & distributing it here...

Thanks anyway :)
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