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Identifying Japanese Game Show 2010/5/22 14:23
Hi all,

During a recent trip to Japan I watched a gameshow that I'm having trouble IDing. The show featured a group of celebrity panelists answering multiple choice fill-in-the-blank questions about English grammar.

One of the hosts looked like she was half Japanese/half American, spoke fluent English, and sounded like she also spoke fluent Japanese. I think the show had two other hosts, one man and one woman -- both Nihonjin.

The show also seemed to have live polls that viewers could participate in and vote for which answer they thought was correct. The hosts would reveal the popular vote before asking the celebrities to reveal theirs.

Does anyone happen to recognize this show? If so, what's it called? What network/day/time is it on?

by Eric (guest)  

I'll try to search 2010/5/25 05:18
Eric, tell me below.
I'll try to searching.

When / Where did you see the program?
1 week / month / year before?
in morning / day / night?
Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka,,

and, Was there host(harh-japanese) woman as follows?

Is that program are formal or comedy-like you feel?

Possibly I can found that.
and sorry to my English broken, cause I'm Nihonjin, this response was helped machine translated ;X
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More Details 2010/5/25 14:17
Thanks for your kind response, Minami.

I looked at the pictures you attached but I don't think any of those women was the host. If it helps, the woman on the program spoke English with an American accent. I think she was also wearing glasses.

I've been to Japan several times in the last couple years, so I'm not 100% sure when I saw the show. My best guess is that I saw it in Tokyo sometime in the evening between Friday, March 20 and Monday, March 23 of 2009. If I had to narrow it down even further, I think I saw it on the night of Sunday, March 22.

The program definitely had more of a comedy feel.

Thank you so much for your help!
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maybe? 2010/5/26 00:26
Check this. if she and 2 hosts, I founded.
If No, sorry I couldn't find out...

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Additional Info 2010/5/27 03:29
Thanks for checking, Minami.

I'm afraid I don't recognize either of those women as the host of the show, but I really appreciate all your effort on my behalf.

Thanks for your kindness!
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Re: 2010/5/27 21:07
I think it is "Little Charo"


NHK broadcasted the program at 22:00-23:30 on March 22 2009.
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Re: 2010/5/28 11:30
That's it, xexstyle!

Thank you so much for your help!

I don't recognize Shelly as the woman I saw on the 09.03.22 broadcast, but "Little Charo" is definitely what I saw that night.

Thank you for helping me find an answer to a question that had been bothering me for a long time!

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Re: 2010/5/28 12:22
On second thought, I did a little investigating and it looks like it was Shelly that night. (I didn't recognize her hair style in the video clip.)

Thanks again!
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Japanese "quiz" program 2010/8/14 19:24
It was probably the NHK's English language course. There is (was) a text which students could use and the TV show was (I assume) just a seminar of sorts. The woman presenter has one American parent and her male co-presenter was born in Hawaii. I began researching these two when, after watching a couple of the shows, I bet some co-workers that the presenters were Americans. They spoke Japanese and dressed Japanese, but their mannerisms and pronunciations were decidedly American. I watched the show every week until it came to an end.
Mark Williams
Okinawa City
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