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Shops that sell quirky stationary ? 2010/5/24 06:54
I'm a Textile designer and would love to get my hands on some fab stationary and some other great design articles, please can you advise me off shops/places where i can find such things, thank-you : ) I love anything with cute prints and patterns.
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Itoya 2010/5/24 18:50
Where are you located? Itoya in Ginza is iconic for stationary: not sure if it has what you need but it is worth a visit
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Shops that sell quirky stationary ? 2010/5/24 21:29
We will be located in The Asakusa area of Tokyo it will be our first ever trip to Japan. We are also staying in Kyoto ( not sure where yet ) is there anywhere that sells interesting paper/ stationary/fabrics etc there too?

Thank-you FMJ i will check out the place you recommended in Ginza, really looking forward to it. : )
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just got back ... 2010/5/25 08:22
Just wanted to second that response. We just got back from a two week trip, and we stopped at that store. It had some beautiful stationary. I picked up some small, printed flower postcards that were too pretty to use -- I'm going to frame 'em.
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... 2010/5/25 09:07
If you want to look also at craft supplies (paper, fabric, wood carving, silver craft, etc. etc.) you might want to try one of the store locations of "Tokyu Hands" stores. The stores are in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, to name a few.
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Thanks!!! 2010/5/26 04:40
Thankyou everyone for your suggestions, i have taken a note of the shops and will definately be visiting them on my trip.
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Kurodaya in Asakusa 2010/5/26 11:38
You may also want to check out Kurodaya in Asakusa (on Nakamise Dori, near the Kaminarimon gate). Paper and paper products galore.
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on-line shopping 2010/5/26 16:38
This seems to be for mail order only, but I thought it was pretty funky.

Also, while you're at Tokyu Hands, you might want to take a look at Loft which is similar to Tokyu Hands but often even more quirky.

Frankly, be it stationary or not, I've been noticing less and less merchandize off-line. In particular, I'm having trouble finding colorful items that was easir to find before. Quite often, on-line shopping has more variety, which is probably the reason off-line is going down on business.
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Re: 2010/5/26 23:03
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that's great 2010/5/29 19:19
That's great XEX: thanks for posting
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