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Cranberry juice in Tokyo? 2010/5/24 19:19
I'm currently in Tokyo (staying in Ikebukuro) and having a hard time finding 100% (or something close to it) cranberry juice. I've been to Seibu, a half-dozen combini, and I'm running out of places to look. Any ideas?

(Or, if anyone knows where to find cranberry pills, I'll take that information as well.)
by desertyoukai  

answers 2010/5/25 13:43
Try local health food stores. If you cannot find 100% juice, then you should at least be able to find supplements.
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. 2010/5/26 13:10
Check with imported wine shops. Ocean Spray is sold by Mitsui. If you go to expat. supermarket, Hiroo National Azabu Market, should have also.
Kinokuniya has them also.
In Ikebukuro OMO Kinokuniya is in the basement of Esola building by Ikebukuro station. Google esola, ikebukuro, tokyo.

by amazinga (guest) rate this post as useful

Costco 2010/5/26 14:00
You have get big double pack bottles of cranberry juice at Costco.
by Sandy (guest) rate this post as useful

I'm Looking for It, Too 2010/5/27 06:28
I have been looking for any cranberry juice, although not terribly intensively. I surely miss my 100% cranberry juice from back home!

Not having access to Costco, I did find a formulation that claims to be 27% cranberry juice, at a large Maruetsu supermarket. Interestingly, Jusco has a very similar looking bottle (both Ocean Spray, 900 mL rectangular) with only 15% cranberry juice! You have to read the labels carefully. The 27% stuff has a lot of sweetener added (yuk!) but it's the best I could find so far.

If you do find 100%, please post the store location!
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

no 100% cranberry juice. 2010/5/27 09:09
There is no 100% cranberry juice. The max is ~23%(Costco) or so due to its sourness. The rest is corn syrup sweetened water or filled other juice like raspberry and call it 100% juice.
Another option is canned cranberry paste/source.
There is no problem finding them.
by amazinga (guest) rate this post as useful

It Exists! Now Just Where in Tokyo? 2010/6/3 15:23
The original poster has probably given up or gone home long ago, but I'm pleased to report that I found 100% cranberry juice in Japan! Not exactly in Ikebukuro, though. Where I finally found it was in Matsue, at the supermarket (ordinary grocery store) in the Saty shopping center. This will not be of much help in itself, but its existence there is encouraging. If it is sold in Matsue, of course it must be sold elsewhere (although all I could find in other stores was that nasty 27% sweet stuff, and I looked a lot of places). The pure juice I found is distributed by Marukai as a health food product, so probably health food stores are indeed the best place to find it (although this is probably of more use to people who live in Japan, and not travelers like myself--I never seem to run across health food stores in the places I visit).

The following page has more information on it and a picture of the bottle, although there is nothing in English. The “kodawari inryo” page (second button in the row below the top banner) has a little more information.

It's quite pricey (I paid about 1200 yen for 500 mL). I am not enough of a devotee to spend my valuable vacation time looking for health food stores in every city I visit, but I'm definitely enough of a devotee to spend my money on it if I happen to find it in a supermarket. I consider it to be an insurance policy of sorts.

If anyone else cares at this point, and knows where to buy it in Tokyo (or Okayama, my next major stop), please post. Thanks!
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

One Correction 2010/6/3 15:36
The photo on that page I just gave a link to isn't of the 100% stuff. The unadulterated product is called "Cranberry Straight" and it has a big 100 on the label. Apparently they make a milder cranberry product for those who don't like the sour stuff (or aren't motivated enough).
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

100% Cranberry Juice in Don Quixote 2010/9/12 11:45
Old post, but in case anyone is still checking, I found some Marukai brand 100% cranberry juice (クランベリー ストレート) in a Saitama Don Quixote for about 1100yen per 500ml. Although this Donki wasn't a Tokyo store, Tokyo branches may carry it...?

Hope this helps someone!
by Donburi (guest) rate this post as useful

Good Lead 2010/9/12 22:04
Thanks, Donburi, that's good to know. I never saw the 100% juice in Tokyo but I didn't check Donki. Maybe a larger branch might have it.

I actually did spot it in Okayama, in the food section of Tenmaya department store. It's not like they had a huge selection of health food or juices, they just happened to have this one. It really seems to be hit or miss, finding it. I'm guessing that in Japan it isn't as popular or as well known as a medicinal as it is in the U.S.
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

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