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What does "over-etiquette" mean? 2010/5/26 21:25
I was reading the 'etiquette' section of the wikipedia page for sushi. It states "Nigirizushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers. This is allowed even in formal settings. However, this has become over-etiquette today. Instead, most Japanese now eat sushi with chopsticks".

What does "over-etiquette" mean? I was unable to find references to this phrase anywhere on the web.
by SushiLover (guest)  

"over-etiquette" is not good English 2010/5/27 10:11
It's not standard English usage. I assume they mean it's either overly polite, or old-fashioned etiquette now to eat nigirizushi with your fingers because most people now eat them with chopsticks.
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overly authentic? 2010/5/27 11:18
I suppose you can say that eating sushi with fingers today is "overly authentic" and therefore is not as "common" an etiquette as it used to be. In other words, eating with fingers suit better at authentic sushi bars rather than your local 100 yen sushi chains.
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