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Japanese Magazines to America 2010/5/28 03:46
Hello everyone. I live in America and I am deeply intrigued by Japanese language, history, culture, fashion, food, etc. I recently received an issue of the Japanese magazine "Hot Pepper" from a relative who visited Japan (the April Issue to be exact). The magazine has been an excellent tool in my studies of both the Japanese language and culture, however, Recruit (the publisher of Hot Pepper and several other popular Japanese magazines) does not publish their magazines internationally.

My question is: How can I obtain another issue of "Hot Pepper" (and possibly other magazines from Recruit) without having to go to Japan? Does anyone know of online stores or anyone who is willing to sell?

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu-
by Cheesecaker  

Hot Pepper 2010/5/28 09:55

Hot Pepper is a free paper. You'll have to find a friend or penpal in Japan to send you copies of it. Other magazines can be ordered via Amazon.
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Japanese mags 2010/5/28 16:44
I don't know about the mags you mentioned, but
Kinokuniya bookstore from Japan has branches in the USA.
I go to the one in Seattle International Village every so often.


they might be able to get you subscriptions..(be prepared to pay a premium...)
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Hmm... 2010/5/29 23:10
Thank you both for your input. I do have 2 Japanese penpals at the moment, and I was thinking of asking for the magazine from one of them with my next letter.
My only worry is that I feel I might impose on them. Is it rude in Japan to ask for stuff over mail?
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. 2010/5/30 01:38
Before you ask, how are you going to pay for the continuous postage costs, even it is a free mag.? She/he may agree and send for a few months delightfully at the beginning, then what? It may become burdensome or awkward to terminate & your good relationship may turn sour. You can not bother to look what else is available yourself in US & pay for them yourself?
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