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Background music at Narita 2010/5/28 15:18
Recently while going through international transfer at Narita, I heard some "elevator music" that I liked. It sounded like the "gagaku" music that one sometimes hears at shrines, mixed with some "New Age" sounding drums. It almost sounded like some of the experimental music from "Apocalypse Now" towards the end when Willard arrives at Kurtz's compound. Anyone have any idea what it might be?
by Shimada Jiei  

. 2010/5/28 18:27
I could think of dozens of musical pieces like that.

You can either try contacting Narita Airport for more details, providing them with the time and place you heard the music, or you can stick to this one for example.
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Was it shamisen& taiko 2010/5/29 13:41
Shamisen & taiko but maybe too fast for elevator music.
Another I like, a bit slower and w/ cello..
You might also like them.
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Found the answer 2010/6/4 15:17
Wrote to Narita as Uco suggested, and this is what they said:

The music was composed by Seiko Tsuruta to be played solely at Narita International Airport; therefore, it is not for sale.

We are sorry for not being of any help to you.
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Thanks for the feedback 2010/6/4 23:52
You tried anyway :)
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. 2010/6/5 15:08
You can sample her music in her myspace.
Sorry but it not my type of music. You might check Kitaro.
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Agreed 2010/6/6 16:14
Sorry but it not my type of music.

I agree about the samples on MySpace; not much to my liking, either. But, I did like her music playing at Narita.
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