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Holiday Spending 2010/5/31 06:10
Hi all, we arrive in Tokyo on July 3rd for 5 nights. I want to do some shopping, mainly clothing, shoes, souvenirs, and a couple of sightseeing trips. Is 100,000 yen enough??? Thanks in advance
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need plenty! 2010/6/2 16:04
OK, I left this coz I thought someone else might answer it better than I, and also I didnt know whether food is in that budget. Essentially, clothes arent cheap in Japan, in my experience, even if you can find things that fit. Neither are electronics, though it is usually the latest stuff. Accessories with brand names cost a fair bit. Trinkets and souveniers are cheapish, depending on quality, though good pottery still costs. Something nice as a gift would cost around 2500yen, the equivalent of (say) AUD$25 - 30, which I guess is what you would pay for a main meal at an OK restaurant in Oz or in Japan, to put it into perspective. Then you can get things for less than 1000 yen (probably made in China), say fans and chopsticks etc. So, will around 25000 yen a day be enough? you could do plenty with it, but you'd have to be careful with dinner spending (lunch is cheap, so you can always eat big then).
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... 2010/6/2 19:57
100,000 yen probably is enough for sightseeing (temples, museums, etc.) meals, local trains, and souvenirs.

You can find a mall that has low-budget, reasonably cute fashion. The quality is all over the board and typically the stuff doesn't last long. (Throwaways)

But if you are interested in brands or the latest fashion, then shoes and clothing should be a separate budget.

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Too many variables 2010/6/2 22:06
Budgets really depend on how many of you there are, how you want to eat/sleep and how much you'll buy.

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2410.html is a good place to look at budgeting.
To put 100,000 in perspective... Around 150,000 is what I have budgeted for a 21 day multi-city budget trip.
I reckon 100,000 could get you quite a long way in 5 days if you wanted it to :)
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