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Japanese Lamp in American Outlet? 2010/5/31 12:49
Hello - I am seriously considering acquiring a desk lamp manufactured in Japan, but I'm concerned about its compatibility with American electrical wiring. I am primarily concerned about the voltage requirements. I understand that North American outlets are designed to accommodate 120 Volt appliances, while Japanese appliances are wired to be 100V. Would it make sense to obtain a step-down voltage transformer for long-term use of my Japanese desk lamp? Or would it be preferable to have the light re-wired?

Does anyone have any personal experience to relate? By the way, this is the voltage transformer I'm considering:


thank you
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.. 2010/5/31 20:34
In residential appliances there is normally a 10% tolerance on the voltage input.
So you might get away without the transformer, the worse thing is the fuse would get blowing out in the plug. If it does then get the transformer.
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no problem 2010/6/1 03:10
I have brought from Japan many incandescent bulb or & fluorescent tube lamps. They are still working. I might have replaced one or two bulbs over the last 30 yrs. but I don't recall having any problem finding standard US bulb replacements or screw socket difficulties. It has been a non issue. If there is a problem for some reasons that I don't know of, you can easily replace the bulb socket w/ US standard.
BTW: If over voltage is an issue, which is not in US using Japanese lamps, the filament inside the bulb will just flash and die instantly. No physical damage, smoke, nor blown fuse(still used?)nor popped circuit breaker.
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Thanks! 2010/6/1 10:48
This has all been really helpful! Great advice.
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