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import dvds, blu-ray? 2010/6/5 11:55

im in tokyo now and im trying to find us,euro dvd,blu-ray but still cant find any is there any stores in tokyo?
by Droogie  

dvd-sale 2010/6/7 18:38
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tokyo? 2010/6/7 21:33
this one in osaka right? any stores in tokyo?
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Movies or format? 2010/6/7 22:22
Are you trying to find US (ie. Hollywood) movies? Or are you trying to find region 1 DVDs and Blurays? The dvd region codes are different but Japan and the US share the same bluray region code. So Japanese blurays will work in US bluray players.
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maybe 2010/6/8 07:09
There's a shop in akiba opposite one of the trader stores, that sells US english games and computer magazines, they might have some...i don't really remember tho as it's been a while since i last went in.
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