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Using Pia or Lawson ticket machines 2010/6/7 08:35
We are thinking to getting Sumo tickets (July Nagoya tournament). I see we can do that from Pia or Lawsons ticket machines.I know at least Pia is available at Narita airport. Do they add a service charge? Do they have an English option?
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tickets 2010/6/7 11:33
Do they add a service charge?

I purchased tickets at a ticket pia machine for the last basho and there wasn't a service charge. I'm not sure about the other outlets but I would assume that they don't have one either.

Do they have an English option?

No, but its not too difficult to figure out, especially if you know the ticket code ahead of time. Then you can just decide by date and ticket price. Note that general admission seating is only available at the venue on the day of the event. The ticket codes for the different agents are listed on this page:
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Thanks! 2010/6/7 12:15
That helps a lot.
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