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Bargaining at Ameyokocho 2010/6/7 18:15
Hi friends,
Gd day. i will be going to Japan next week and would like to seek your advise. I intend to visit Ameyokocho and but some stuus such as souvenirs. Can anyone advice whether I can bargain or is it fixed price? If bargaining is possible, how much can I lower in terms of percent? Thanks

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benkyo shite kudasai 2010/6/9 01:05
You can and I do often if you buy an expensive item or two or more items. Just ask politely but do not nickel & dime. Say "benkyo shite kudasai", meaning study hard.
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benkyo shite kudasai 2010/6/9 08:43
Say "benkyo shite kudasai", meaning study hard.

Does that have some idiomatic meaning when you're bargaining, or do you mean the original poster should study his prices beforehand?
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... 2010/6/9 13:48
To ...,
"Benkyo shimasu" is a colloquial expression meaning "I will give you a discount." So "benkyo shite kudasai" means "Please give me a discount."

At most shops in Ameyoko, they offer goods at pretty good prices already, and I feel that haggling is not appreciated. Of course, if they offer you something at a per piece/package price, and if you say "OK, if I buy 10, what's your best offer?" kind of thing, you might get some discount, though.
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