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Daily kimono for unmarried women? 2010/6/8 13:12

Anyone out there know what type (humor me for a moment) of kimono an unmarried woman in her early to mid-twenties might wear on a daily basis? Either ultra-super-duper-traditionally-bred or a complete Japanophile?

I came up with a bunch of names like iromuji, irotomesode, kofurisode, homongi, tsukesage, etc. They all sound too -- fancy? -- for someone who just goes about daily business (cleaning/shopping/etc). I think yukatas are supposed to be OK for summer, maybe they can be used in this capacity? What about winter, though?

Thanks, thanks!
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. 2010/6/8 17:23
Even though there's a bit of a kimono boom now, Very few Japanese women wear kimono on a daily basis. But here are some examples of what unmarried women in 30s can wear.
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. 2010/6/8 19:46
Young unmarried women wear Furisode with the long flowing sleeves.
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Thanks, Uco! 2010/6/8 22:19
Thanks, Uco! You read my question thoroughly and were able to point me to a great website. I see here that there are some washable kimono, which is what I assume would be daily wear. Any idea what these are called?

I came across the word komon yesterday, too. From what I read, komon are the most informal kimono, so would it be safe to assume that that's what these are?

Thanks again!
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everyday furisode?! 2010/6/8 22:19
To the above poster, they don't wear furisode on a daily basis unless they are maiko.

Actually I doubt there are any young women who wear kimono daily unless they have to for work- it's just too impractical. I knew a woman in her late 40s who wore a kimono almost every day- she looked uncomfortable in the middle of summer though.
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Komon 2010/6/8 22:34
You can wear "Komon" through the year as casual wear.
But in June and September, their material should be "Hitoe" and in July and August, their material should be "sha" or "Ro".
In the same way, you need to care about the material for Obi.
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wool, cotton 2010/6/8 23:46
OP wrote;
I see here that there are some washable kimono, which is what I assume would be daily wear. Any idea what these are called?

Washable kimonos are simply called "wosshaburu kimono" or "araeru kimono." They didn't have washing machines in the days when words like "komon" were invented :)

I'm not much of an expert on kimonos, but I think people simply call those daily-wear type kimonos "uuru no kimono (wool kimono)" or "men no kimono (cotton kimono)" etc. On the other hand, komon is supposed to be silk.

Why do you ask? Someone might be able to help you depending on what your needs are. If you simply want to buy kimono for yourself or your friends, just ask for "fudan kirareru kimono (kimono you can wear on a daily basis)." Or when searching the web, you can search for i̘a (fudangi no wafuku).

If you can read Japanese, this website I happened to find might be useful, although I'm not sure how much you can trust it.

Btw, although not many, there are indeed plenty of women in her 30s who wear kimono on a daily basis. They simply love kimono and kimono is not that uncomfortable once you get used to it. At least it's not as uncomfortable as wearing pin heels and tight underwear on a daily basis. I've had a few young artist or student friends who'd wear kimono all the time, and I know a lot of girls who'd wear casual kimono every weekend. I even remember a 30s African-American female talent in Japan, and she wore kimono all the time.
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just providing my observations.... 2010/6/9 08:41
Ah, it seems to be the unnamed poster who thinks I am always negative because I say things like "it would be very hot wearing a wedding kimono in August", something which I doubt anyone would disagree with.

Okay, let me be more specific. In 12 years in Japan in jobs where I meet many people on a daily basis, I have never met any young women who wear kimono regularly unless they have to for their job. I am not being negative, just telling you what my personal experience is. I think it would be wonderful if more young women wore kimonos every day. I live near a sumo stable, and I often see young men (trainee sumo wrestlers) who wear yukata every day, even when riding bicycles, so it would be great if some young women also wore traditional clothing.

Tell me, what is your experience with this? How many young Japanese women do you know who wear kimonos every day?
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