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Help finding Japan only cd's? 2010/6/9 13:10

I'm trying to track down some Japan only remastered reissues of a few heavy metal albums.

They are very expensive on some websites I've seen (and all I've come across on ebay are bootlegs) so I was thinking it may be less expensive this way.

The cd's are:

Dio - The Last in Line (2007 remaster, Universal Music - UICY-93391)

Dio - Sacred Heart (2007 remaster, Universal Music - UICY-93392)

If anyone can help me out, please get in touch and we can discuss it further.

by Pelagicspectre  

... 2010/6/9 15:09
They must be very rare - limited edition anyway - I entered the product number into amazon.co.jp, and the results turned up only "marketplace "sellers. The first one at 7,500 yen, and the second one at 19,800 yen. Whew.
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Hmm... 2010/6/9 15:32
Thanks for the quick response. It looks like the site I saw them on is cheaper, but still expensive.

I think what's happened is they were issued, and then deleted not long after. I bet they'll be reissued at some point but I can't be sure.

I might just take the plunge and order them from the first site.

Thanks again!
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I found them, but... 2010/6/9 16:00
I found used copies on a website. I sent the company an email to ask if they ship overseas. If they don't, could someone help me?

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shopping services 2010/6/9 16:11
There are lots of companies that can help you with your purchase:

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Thanks. 2010/6/9 16:22
Thanks. I'll give those a browse.
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... 2010/6/9 16:38
Those are really "limited edition," with paper miniature LP record style sleeve, aren't they? Probably they only sold the first batch in this package, then sold the later one with regular package, I'd say. I cannot even tell if they've been remastered.
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Remastered 2010/6/9 16:40
Yeah, I'm aware they were really limited. I've heard from others that own them that they are indeed remastered. They are supposed to be a significant improvement on the original releases.
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