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Japanese live-action movie with robots 2010/6/11 02:24
I'm looking for the name/information of a movie I saw in 2000/2001. I was in Japan with my dad and I saw this movie in the hotel. It was about a girl who befriends a black robot/android. I remember another robot/android, this one white, was the antagonist. In the end, the two robots fight. Another detail I remember is that the girl loses both arms.

This is pretty weird but I'm really curious and I'd appreciate the help!
by Kevin (guest)  

1989's "Tetsuo? 2010/6/11 14:04
That's the only one that comes to mind as I saw a past Japan-Guide request to find the same film.
Wikipedia article is here:
Pretty gruesome flick.
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Re: Japanese live-action movie 2010/6/15 14:51
The description doesn't really sound like Tetsuo to me, no idea what the film could be though...
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