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Nasal/Sinus irrigation products 2010/6/11 20:59
I suffer from sinusitis and would like to buy some nasal/sinusitis irrigation products (they basically are a saline solution wash).

There are some small machines that do this and also more basic sprays.

What would I need to ask for to get (a) a machine kit, or (b) the simpler spray type?

Please note, this is not a decongestant, but just the saline type wash and cleaner.
by Anne (guest)  

... 2010/6/12 13:57
Asking for "hana senjou supuree" (nose cleaning spray) at a drugstore would get you something like:
(This is a simple spray type.)

Asking for "hana senjou ki" (nose cleaning equipment) at a drugstore (or a household appliance shop) might get you a kit.
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Otsuka makes this product 2010/6/13 11:14

I had nasal surgery a year and half ago in Japan. The place is called Tokyo Surgery Center near Tokyo Station, it was the best thing I ever did. I can finally breath!

And one of the products they gave me is called ..
Otsuka Normal Saline..

I think many places might have this product, but its even better if go to a drug store associated with a Nasal related Doctor or the Doctors office. They will know about this product and might also have the nasal spray device.

Best of luck!
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Effective Treatment for Sinus Conditions 2010/7/5 01:13
I would recommend trying a natural nasal spray called SinuSoothe. It kills bacterial/fungal infections and relieves the symptoms of sinus conditions such as nasal congestion, pain, headches etc. I used it for my own sinusitis (which is now almost non-existent) and it can also be used to treat colds, hay fever, allergies, rhinitis and nasal spray addiction. I cannot enthuse about this product enough and hope that it helps others like it has helped me. All the best.
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Where? 2010/7/8 19:16
would recommend trying a natural nasal spray called SinuSoothe.

Is this a Japan product? Where to buy?
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