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English Premier League on TV in Japan? 2004/7/27 15:21
HELP! I'm a complete football idiot and an English Premier League fan, and since it's just two weeks till the new season starts, I'm a bit worried that it's not shown on TV here. I spent a couple of months in Japan last year and then J Skysports showed all the EPL action, but to my understanding (just been here two weeks) this company has been restructured as J Sports. I checked their website (, but there's nothing there indicating that they are showing the EPL. Has the TV rights for the EPL been bought by another this season and in case, what channel(s) will it be shown on?

by Eric Leethe  

English Premier League on TV in Japan 2004/8/27 11:05
Look at maybe getting a dish. Everybody here calls it "Sky Pa" they have specialty channels which are geared towards each league. Prices are reasonable. At least they are here down in Miyazaki.
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Prem TV in Japan 2007/8/5 15:51
As things stand (Aug5/07)
There is no contract in place. Meaning no TV channel in Japan has secured the rights. I assume they r in discussions. As there is only one broadcaster with money - Sky Perfect, they will again surely win that contract. As to when they will get the contract, who knows. They better hurry up as the season is about to begin!!
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where is the premier league? 2007/8/7 02:20
I've been searching and can't find any info about premier league on tv in japan for 2007. I and friends have talked to sky and the situation seems bleak. But if not sky, then where? Surely games will be on somewhere. Or we can just watch nakamura in the spl. ya great.
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