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Credit card use in Osaka/Kyoto 2010/6/14 02:45
I assume the answer is an astounding NO but do the temples in Kyoto take credit card? Once again I assume no but I just wanted to make sure before I assess how much yen to bring.
Also a friend of mine told me that credit cards can be used in a number of places in Tokyo, including many street vendors (which is what we plan on eating for the most part, save for a few nights at a restaurant). Can anyone give me an idea of how many of the street vendors take credit card in Kyoto/Osaka? Thank you very much!
by Harry Mac  

... 2010/6/14 17:02
I would say "no" among Kyoto temples, "no" among food stalls anywhere either. Exactly what kind of "street vendors" are you thinking of?
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... 2010/6/14 23:43
By street vendors I just meant people with takoyaki stands or something like that. I've seen some pictures and specials on TV and I've noticed that they are in a lot of particular areas (especially in Osaka). My friend has been to Tokyo before (only on business) and he told me that even many stationary street vendors (that sell food) can accept credit card. Am I misinformed?
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credit cards 2010/6/15 01:09
While credit cards are much more widely used in Japan that westerners think and say, quite a few merchants, as in western countries, are reluctant to accept a credit card for a small purchase as the fee they pay to credit cards company eat a not so small part of the minimal profit they make on a small purchase..

Even here in the North American town where I live, not too many customers buy a coffee and donut or..with a credit card..though they might use a store card that has XXX $ in it and is like cash in a way. .

Entrance fee to a shrine or temple, for example, is not that much ( many shrine temple don't even have an entrance fee, just a donation box) so it doesn't make sense for the temple / shrine to waste credit cards fees..
besides that, a religious establishment is supposed to be as far removed from technical things and worldly behaviours as possible...

Dito with food stands and carts.. while some may..so far most don't. Your friend may have found some then generalized that it was common..
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credit cards 2010/6/15 10:01
From my experience temples, street vendors and food stalls only take cash. I can't explain your friends experience, but my guess is that we're not all talking about the same thing when we refer to street vendors/food stalls.

I would recommend keeping cash on hand when travelling around Japan and not expect to be able to pay by credit card at any streetside food vendor.
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