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Teething gel 2010/6/14 04:34
My wisdom teeth are growing again and it hurts.

I know you can buy painkillers very easily, but I'd rather go for teething gel if such a thing exists in Japan as I find it works better.

I assume I would go to a –ò‰®for it [Obviously, I know you get painkillers from there], but what is its Japanese name?

Many thanks
by selbydate16  

... 2010/6/14 17:00
I have never heard of that kind of product in Japan - all I could do when one of my wisdom teeth started growiing/moving was to get painkillers, go to the dentist, and have it taken out eventually...
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What teething gel is 2010/6/14 17:51
Maybe you call it buy a different name, AK, but it's a gel that mothers rub onto their babies' gums to stop it hurting when their first teeth are growing through.

It's not specifically for wisdom teeth, but it works for them too!
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Konjisui 2010/6/14 21:54
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... 2010/6/15 09:46

Thank you, I looked up the phrase so now I know what you mean :) but I have so far never heard of any, and cannot find anything close in the Japanese language, except for a few entries on homeopathy supplement, imported from the US.

There are a few other "toothache remedies," including filling the cavity with Seirogan (creosote-something as the main ingredient), or pouring Konjisui (as posted above).
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