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Recycle Shops - English speaking staff 2010/6/14 11:14
I will be leaving Japan soon and will like to get recycle shops in the Kanto area, specifically Saitama, to come by my place and pick up the items/furniture.

However, my Japanese is not great, and I wonder if anyone had any experience with recycle shops that has English speaking staff which they can recommend.

by Micky (guest)  

Since no one seems to be reponding 2010/6/15 12:08
I'm Japanese and speak Japanese, so I may not be the best person to answer this question, but the Classified section of this very website has been one of the greatest places to get rid of my stuff in English.

It's not as easy as the recycle shops which would come to your house and truck a lot of things while you sit down and relax, but since the section has more accesss to foreign residents who go back and forth countries, I have been successful at getting rid of bulk furniture that recycle shops "don't have the room for."

On the other hand, I would say that dealing with recycle shops require very little language ability. Just choose your favorite shop and say, "Fuyohin ga takusan arimasu. Mini kite kuremasuka? (I have a lot of unwanted things. Can you come over to see them?)" Then when they look at it, they would tell you the price, and you can bargain writing prices on a piece of paper just as you would at a flea market. The money would be paid to you by cash right away.

Good luck.
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