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shopping in sapporo 2004/7/27 23:53
looking for shopping for 14 yr old boy, sports guy, in sapporo in 6 days
by kmiles  

Sapporo Factory 2004/7/28 09:07
I highly recommend the Sapporo Factory. It is a large, very pleasant shopping mall on the grounds of a former beer factory.
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Sapporo is a great city 2004/7/28 22:30
Kmiles, you seem to be doing a lot for your hockey boy, which is great. But Sapporo is a fairly large city which a lot of locals will choose as the city you'd want to live in. Don't worry. His host family, organizer or any tourist information counter will be able to provide him info on the variety of restaurants and markets and entertainment. I'm sure he'll have fun!
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Underground tunnel-sapporo 2005/10/28 02:00
Hi, curious to know if thereis an underground tunnel shopping area in Sapporo.Heard this from a friend. Pls advise/tks
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"Underground tunnel"? 2005/10/28 10:36
Sapporo has a very wide underground shopping archade and you can walk underground to go to most places including major subway stations. This is very convenient in the cold climate. But I'm not sure if there is a "tunnel".
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Factory outlets 2007/11/2 14:41
Anyone hv any ideas is the factory outlets in sapporo cheap? any been before? is it worth going?
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sapporo 2007/11/3 11:19
we go to sapporo station these days.there are some big shopping malls.(it's connected so you don't need to go outside)
and if you go to STELLAR PLACE,there is imformation on the ground floor that you can get english brochures.

we have underground tunnel shopping area around odori subway station(next to sapporo station,15 min walk).we have 2.one of them
is connected to susukino station.around odori station ia used to major shopping place.still good place.

there isn't big factory outlets in sapporo.but OTARU and CHITOSE got one each.
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Sapporo shopping Mall 2007/12/6 17:40
Do they sell Shishedo and Fancl ? at which shopping mall ?
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Outlets 2007/12/10 18:11
I don't know about any outlets in Sapporo but if you go to Otaru Chikko station (about 25 min rapid train or 45 local) you can go to "Wing Bay" where they havea large outlet section of the mall. It's about $6.40 from Sapporo station & trains leave every 10 min. or so.
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Chitose/Sapporo Shopping 2008/4/15 00:48
Anyone been to the outlet mall in chitose? Is it worth going? How far is it from the airport? I am thinking of finding a hotel near Chitose for my last night in Hokkaido, do some last minute shopping and then proceed to chitose airport for my early morning flight back home. Any hotel/shoppng recommendations? Thanks!
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