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Kuromon Kawahiro 2010/6/17 18:57
I hope this is not too much to ask(or hopefully not against the forum rules), but can someone help me to call up this restaurant and check the exact opening hours and closing day? This is a silly request but I need to plan my itinerary around this restaurant as it seems too good to be missed!

I check out couple of websites and they have different info, so I am confused now but do not wish to go on a day that it is not open.
This site says open on lunch time only and close on Fri, Sat and Sun
This site says it open till night time and close on Sun/Public holidays only.

The contact number is 06-6643-5278

Thank you!
by Apple76  

hours 2010/6/23 02:09
It opens from 11am and closes at 2pm and also says they close whenever they're sold out. Looks like you better be at the place early. Why don't you make a reservation on the day you like to eat there?
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. 2010/6/23 09:36
Thank you so much! Did you call up? I'm not sure if they take in reservation and also our schedule, but i will ask our hotel to help when we reach. Thanks again!
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followup 2010/8/3 22:27
hello, i was wondering the same thing as the original poster. the answer was very helpful - but can anyone clarify if they're closed on friday - sunday, only on sundays and holidays, or if they're open every day at 11am?

thank you very much in advance...
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Re: Kuromon Kawahiro 2013/8/8 23:07
Just to update in case anyone searching by the name. This shop is no longer in operation as the owner has passed on.

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