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Piercings in Kumamoto/Fukuoka 2010/6/18 18:42

If possible, I'd like t get a piercing done while I'm in Japan.

Over the weekend, three people in my halls all got tattoos done in Fukuoka and it's inspired me to get a piercing myself.

I have no idea where to go and - from what I've heard - piercing isn't very common in Japan.

I already have 2 piercings in ach ear and my belly done.

Any help much appreciated.

by selbydate16  

... 2010/6/20 12:22
Try looking around for cosmetic surgery clinics around in your area - some do piercing in addition to laser skin treatment, face lift, etc. :)
by AK rate this post as useful

Wow! 2010/6/20 17:37
That's so strange to me! In England, we generally have piercings done in tattoo parlours or specific places dedicated to piercings only. Sometimes you can get them done in hairdressers or beauty salons as well, but they're best avoided.

Anyway, thank you for your post AK. What would the word/phrase for a skin cosmetic clinic be in Japanese? Also, what sort of piercings do they do?
by selbydate16 rate this post as useful

... 2010/6/20 18:49
In Japan, ear piercing, because it cuts through the skin, is considered (properly) medical practice, and it is recommended that people go to either cosmetic surgery clinics or dermatologists to get piercing done. Of course many people try it on their own, some with success, some with complications :( For body piercing, in addition to some cosmetic surgey clinics, there seem to be specialized body piercing "studios," as they call them. (I only have my ears pierced, so don't have any experience with body piercing.)

"Biyou seikei geka" is the word for cosmetic surgery clinics. "Hifuka" would be dermatologist. Not all do piercing, so you need to ask, though.

Um, I was wondering what kind of piercing you were thinking of...

This is no recommendation, but a search turned up these clinics in Fukuoka/Kumamoto; for body piercing, the first one says you need to bring your own ornament - they don't sell them there. The second one does ears and bellybutton.

This one seems to be one of those "body piercing studios" in Fukuoka. Again, those are just examples of search results, not recommendation.
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Thanks once again, AK! 2010/6/20 20:10
I'm thinking of getting my wrist pierced. I wouldn't mind getting one done in my finger, my handweb [the bit between the pointer finger and thumb] or my temple, but I think that asking for something done there might be unrealistic.

I like the wrist idea best, but if one of the other ideas I've mentioned up here is cheaper, I'll go with that instead.
by selbydate16 rate this post as useful

... 2010/6/20 20:15
Well, um, I'm trying not to fall off my chair right now lol, but for those exotic piercings, you will probably have to go to a body piercing studio (for example the last link I posted). They seem to price according to what kind of decoration goes through, rather than which part of the body.
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Prices 2010/6/23 21:03
Would the prices be available on the site or would I have to phone up to ask?
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... 2010/6/23 21:34
This page gives the pricing - for "wrist," they say they can do: J, K. L, or M type of piercing.

And the types are:
J: Surface bar
K: Surface bar with two stones
L: Micro dermal
M: Micro dermal with two stones.
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