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Where can I find a chawan like this one? 2010/6/18 23:40
I'm looking for a chawan with the same glaze & clay type as the one in the photo. I am trying to figure out where in Japan it may have been made, or who the artist is. I suspect it was made recently in Shigaraki, but I am not sure. Can you help?


by Kimberly E. (guest)  

try this? 2010/6/20 13:42
Try this site: it may help.
Robert Yellin answers emails personally, so he may have an idea of the location etc
Mashiko, Bizen, Hagi are all pottery towns: best to have an idea before heading to them
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.. 2010/6/22 07:43
You'll see tons of chawans like those on Chawanzaka, the slope leading to Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. I mean tons and tons :-)
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Can anyone read this? 2010/6/28 02:25
The link below is the artist's mark from the bowl in the earlier photos. Can anyone read it? If so, what are the chances that it will do me any good?

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??? 2010/6/28 06:17
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Kyoto? 2010/6/30 11:43
Does anyone else think the middle two symbols might say "Kyoto"? The second to the last symbol looks like it might say "city" and I know the last one means "made" or something close . . . Thoughts?
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. 2010/6/30 11:49
I too think it says 太郎作. It seems like there are only three symbols.
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. 2010/7/1 14:06
I agree. It does look 太郎作--created by Taro.
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