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internet/manga cafes in tokyo 2010/6/19 04:06
Hi people, next year I'll be going to Japan for 3 weeks and I just found out about this "internet/manga cafe" thing, where you can not only surf on the internet, game, read manga etc. but also pass the night. I browsed some websites (Bagus cyber cafe, media cafe Popeye), but it's hard to figure out what they're actually offering (might also be because my Japanese isn't top of the bill yet). Does anyone know an internet/manga cafe where you have a private booth and where it's able to sleep horizontally instead of on a chair? Also, in some cafes on the Bagus website it said there was a "ladies pack," does this mean the other packs are off limits to women (I'm a girl)? Please tell me about your experiences or knowledge, because I'm a little confused now. ^^
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My experiences in Tokyo 2010/6/19 20:02
I think most manga cafes offer private booths - at least the ones I've been in such as Manbou (they have lots of branches around Tokyo).

In this case it's just a case of paying to stay all night - the price depends on exactly when you arrive and leave. I believe they also provide blankets and they have showers.

You can either sleep in the chair, or stretch out on the floor (though the booth might be too small for you to stretch out completely).

As for the ladies pack, I expect that this is just a special offer for women only - I've never heard of the standard offers being for men only.
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theyre great 2010/6/21 06:14
I have been to quite a few manga cafes during my three visits to Japan. I think they're a brilliant concept and it's one of the things I start to miss most when I get back from Japan (among my girlfriend and gyodon). As much as I realise these things would never work in my country, I sometimes have the urge to begin my own manga cafe.

As the previous poster said: Most manga cafe's offer the opportunity to stay the night. Seeing as the private cabins are small it will not always be a comfortable sleep. But it's cheap, clean, you can read millions of anime (except you might not be able to speak Japanese, in which case the huge libraries of mangas are useless for you) and ofcourse you can get free soda's during the stay.

Personally I like the Bagus branch. They have branches in most areas of Tokyo and they offer nice cabins. There's one in Ikebukuro in the big car free shopping street in this area.
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. 2010/6/21 12:51
I would say in the internet/manga the cafes are not totally private booths. They are enclosed with a door and no one can see in, however the walls and doors rarely reach the ceiling, in that the "top" is open. So if someone is snoring you can pretty much hear it. Thankfully they usually come with headphones in all the booths.

As for ladies packs they are specials for ladies only of course, but you are not restricted from using other things.

One thing you might noticed immediately is that most (at least most of the internet/manga cafes I have been to) are mainly catered towards men (in decore/type of advertisements presented etc). Though some places do have "women only" floors etc, and nothing restricts women from using manga cafes.

As for lying down on the floor vs. chairs, it depends on the particular store. Some places have lie flat rooms others have chairs.
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thanks!! 2010/6/21 14:37
thanks for your answers guys!:) im gettin more and more curious about the whole internet cafe experience and will definetely visit one^^
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