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Second-hand laserdiscs in tokyo 2010/6/20 03:05
Hi, I will go to tokyo next week and wanted to see if anyone here know anywhere that I might be able to find used laserdisc players... I have been in Akihabara many times but much have changed there over the past years.

There should be atleast a couple of secondhand electronic stores that have some laserdiscs players becouse it was so popular in Japan. If anyone knows any stores in Akihabara or any other part of tokyo that still selling used laserdisc movies I would appriciate that too.

I remember when all the stores in Akihabara had laserdiscs, most of them had 1 dedicated floor for just laserdiscs. But last time I was there I couldnt find nothing... =(

sorry for the bad english.

by Johan (guest)  

Vintage Video Equipment In tokyo ? 2010/7/8 19:22
Ok, Anyone knows any stores that might dealing with ''vintage'' video equipment in the tokyo area ? Electro-town mostly only dealing with very expensive and almost new stuff from my experience....Perhaps stores that dealing with junk dvd and vhs players might have some ?

Please let me know if you have any tips on where to be looking.

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hard off 2010/7/9 08:46
The only stores i know for sure that have laser disc players and discs are the Hard Off chain of second hand shops.

Only problem is they are generally out in the suburbs and usually away from the stations.
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. 2010/7/9 10:48
As the above poster said, the Hard Off chain of second hand stores are probably your best chance (http://www.hardoff.co.jp)

You should be able to find laser discs at any of their stores, but players can be a little harder to come by. I bought a player online a few years ago through either yahoo auctions japan or rakuten auctions (can't remember which).

You could always ask at some of the stores in Akihabara as some of the staff might have a good idea.
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nice 2010/7/9 19:18
Sounds interesting, I have been to a couple of book off but not hard off. Thanks.
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biggest 2010/7/10 01:18
I will go and look in a couple of Hard-off tomorrow. Does anyone know wich ones are the largest and biggest chance to finding some laserdisc-players ?
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burbs 2010/7/10 06:27
The store at owadamachi is one of the biggest stores, last time i was there (oct 09) they had at least a dozen players, and maybe a hundred discs. But the stock does change a lot.

Nearest station is Keio-Hachoiji, which can be reached directly from shinjuku - takes about 40 mins by train then another 20 mins walk.....and may still be hit and miss if you find anything.

if you search on youtube for Hard Off, you'll see a load of videos by lukemorse1, which will give you an immression on what to expect - there's even a video were he takes a look at the laserdiscs.
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GREAT! 2010/7/10 21:09
Hard off was exacly what I was looking for, thank you so much for telling me about it!

I will probably visit 3-4 shops tomorrow aswell!

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