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Animate - how do you use point card? 2010/6/21 08:49
First I should say that I can only speak minimal Japanese.

I filled out the form and received my instant point card at Animate over a year ago. Everytime I make a purchase now, I know to hand over the card. What happens after that, I have no clue. The clerk usually asks me some question I can't understand, but just shaking my head "no" seems to satisfy an answer.

My question... anyone have any idea what the clerks are asking me? Anyone know what these points I've been racking up are for? How do I redeem the points?

Also, related, what are these "fairs" I see advertised out in the front of the shop? I know they have something to do with earning some kind of bonus prize if you buy some kind of special-item-of-the-week, but so far I've only been able to get anything when done so accidentally.
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. 2010/6/22 19:24
Animate point card has very complicated system.
This card has 2 system of points.

1)Discount points
This point count up to purchase 1yen = 1point.
Every 10,000 point to saved, you can use card to discount 500Yen.
2)Item points
This point count up to purchase 50,000yen = 1point.
Every 1 point to saved, you can use card to barter to "Point Items".

In short, Animate card are able to 5% discount and prize to offering XD

For example, If you had been bought something purchase are just 50,000Yen, you got
1)Able to 2500Yen discount
2)5 Item Points

Do you have Animate's receipt? There are write in Japanese like below;
"今回発生ポイントは" xxxxP
"現在値引可萩煌zは" 500円(or 1000円 or1500円...)
"値引可萩煌zまで あと" xxxxP
"景品交換ポイントまで あと" xxxxxP
"景品交換できる点数は" 0点

"今回発生ポイントは" = You got Discount point today
"現在値引可萩煌zは" = Able to discount
"値引可萩煌zまで あと" = Remained for discount(up to 10,000)
"景品交換ポイントまで あと" = Remained for Item Points(up to 50,000)
"景品交換できる点数は" = Saved your Item Points

And this is lists of Point Items. There are limitation for monthly.
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