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Where to buy electrical deep fryers 2010/6/23 17:23
I want a deep fryer for my kitchen, however I coudln't finy any in the stores. All I could find are these special pots, but no real deep-fryer. Are there any shops that sell some or are there perhasps any online shops where I can order a deep fryer for a big price, I checked amazon.com, but the shipping cost is much higher than the actual product...

I don't understand why Japanese people don't use deep fryers and only these special pots, that you put on the oven.
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deep fryer 2010/6/23 18:17
Japanese people usually deep fry in a pot on the stovetop, but electric fryers are available. By the way, are you sure you weren't searching on amazon.com rather than amazon.co.jp since the latter has free shipping on everything. Check out these sites for electric fryers:

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