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Bday gifts ideas for japanese penpal 2010/6/23 20:18
Hello there.
It is my penpals bday today and I really don't know what I should give her!
I am from the Netherlands so it is a whole different culture. Could anyone give me some hints?

Ive already sent her gifts on xmas.
Small bag, face masks and some other stuff i dont remember.

by TsukiShia  

I don't mean to sound rude, but 2010/6/29 21:31
Wooden shoes? I think in Japan that is one thing strongly associated with Holland. And I'm sure they'd love them!
That, and beer, Dutch chocolates/sweets.
I'm sure whatever of your culture you can share would tickle them.
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. 2010/6/29 21:56
Ah thank you for helping me out.
But I dont think wooden shoes can be sent to Japan that easily. They are very heavy which will increase the shipping costs.

And what do you mean by Dutch chocolate? As far as I know chocolate isnt a specialty of the Netherlands.

Ive already sent her some make up, sweets and stuff. Next time I will look for souvenirs etc :)
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. 2010/6/30 05:14
How about drop? Or other cookies?
Ooooh, stroopwafels, for instance! :)
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! 2010/6/30 07:07
Yes! Thank you!
Stroopwafels will do great! I will definitely try that next time!

I wont try drop again. The last time I brought drop with me to another country, it just ended in the bin. Those ppl really didnt like the taste...
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