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Secondhand SLR camera shops? 2010/6/23 20:43
Hi guys,

I am travelling to Tokyo this weekend and would like to look into buying a used Nikon D90 with 18-55mm lens.

Does anyone know what this might go for in the Tokyo second-hand market and can you recommend any stores?

I do have the option to buy this camera second-hand in the US/Canada next month but thought I might get a better deal in Japan.


Thanks for all advice.

by Ryan Rowe (guest)  

new? 2010/6/24 12:15
You can buy the D90 + 18-55mm VR new for about 92,000yen in Yodobashi, Bic, Sofmap etc, or 74,000yen in discount stores around Akihabara (check kakaku.com)

I can't recall seeing any second hand D90 DSLRs around(it's still a popular model), but my guess would be around 60,000-65,000yen. You may find it in the second hand section of Softmap in Chuo Dori at Akihabara (north and across the road from the main Sofmap store, downstairs)
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d90 2010/6/24 12:57
I see them used here and there, and usually the used price is comparable or more expensive than buying new at the discount shops. Check out http://www.kakaku.com to comparison shop and for listings of discount shops.
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repair 2010/6/24 13:13
I DID pick up a "used" D90 about a month ago.
Cost me 5000yen!!!!!

I did, however, have to repair it myself!!

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d90 2010/6/24 14:43
wow, what was wrong with it?
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dropped 2010/6/24 15:14
It had been dropped on one corner. The front left hand hold was cracked, AF/MF switch broken off, and the lens mount was missing (taken off but not relaced).

I've taken it apart, repaired the broken side, scrounged the lens mount from an old D70. The switch is not replaceable, but now everything else works!!!

(by the way, I do a bit of lens & camera repairs in my spare time, which is why I know a little about cameras and where to find stuff!!!)
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... 2010/6/24 17:23
Here was a simular discussion:

B. Slager
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. 2010/6/24 17:45
Softmap in Akihabara has stores that sell used items as well as new items. There are also used shops in the back streets of Akihabara as well.
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