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up garage from my hotel? 2010/6/24 08:51
This will be my first time in Japan and I will be staying at the Chisun Hotel Shinagawa-West. I am planning on going to Up Garage and am looking for directions. I am looking to go to Machida Honten which is the main up garage store. i will appreciate the directions and general help. thank you
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Directions 2010/6/24 19:22
This info is from a friend of mine:-
Use the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line and catch a train out to Minami Machida, about 40 mins. Exit the station on the Granberry mall and walk through it to the East. You can either walk straight through the mall veering to the right when you get to the Outback Steakhouse and head over the 246 on the walkway and head left at the other side or take a left at the first road in the mall and cross under the elevated section of the 246 at the lights then go right. Simply walk north up the road from Tomei (building with the red roof) in the direction of Route 16 and itfs just on your right. Impossible to miss.

It will probably be cheapest/easiest to walk from your hotel to Nakanobu station, and then catch a train to Mizunokuchi and then switch to the Tokyu-den-en Toshi line to Minami Machida.

You can use www.hyperdia.com and use Nakanobu and Minamimachida as your two stations to get pricing and timetables.

Alternatively, you could go from Nishioi station to Shibuya and then switch lines to Minamimachida, although I think this will be slightly more expensive.

Hope you find some good car parts! :)
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the shop moved 2010/6/24 19:54
They say that Up Grage Honten (main store) moved to Aobadai from Machida at Feb 2010.


It's near to Aobadai Station fifth before Minami Machida Station of Den-en-toshi Line.
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thank you 2010/6/25 13:39
thank you very much. this was very helpful.
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